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Health coaching creates optimal well-being.

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Health Coaches help others create optimal health and live optimal days.

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Which is why our Health Coaching opportunity inspires and equips you to live optimal days through a philosophy and proven system grounded in what works.

jason adams

In Jason’s words, it’s the “best thing I have ever done. I became a Health Coach and it has radically changed our life. This Optimal Health Program has given not just me, but my family a brighter, healthier future. We have embraced the full Trilogy and couldn’t be more thankful.”

Jason Adams


We thought becoming Health Coaches during our weight loss would help keep us accountable. Little did we know that was only the beginning. Our lives would quickly change and experience growth we had only dreamed of. We developed healthier bodies; balanced life and now get to pass the gift of health to the people we care about the most.

Thea & Doug Wood

Katie Knies

“Emotionally, I am a much happier person. I feel like I have been pulled up out of a grave that I had once dug for myself. It’s fun to go shopping and to look at myself in a retail store mirror and be proud of what I see!”

Katie Knies

Marj Mendez

I looked so happy on the outside, but I was sad and depressed inside. I hated buying clothes, looking at myself in the mirror, or going anywhere outside my house. I started this optimal health program not expecting it to work. I believed I would be sending it back within the first two weeks, but I never looked back after week one. And I can shop in any store and buy anything I want! I don't even try it on because I know it will fit. I went from hating shopping to it being my second career.

Marj Mendez